Cadia Coin Presents Seamless Trading Feature with EVM Compatibility

Grand Blanc, MI, 16th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Cadia Coin project team is excited to announce the launch of their new project. This new ecosystem proposes a seamless crypto trading platform backed by innovative features and a wide roadmap. 

With EVM compatibility, Cadia Coin offers new benefits for users seeking to get the best out of Web3 tech.

Pioneering Features

Cadia Coin boasts multiple groundbreaking features that set it apart from other digital currencies. Its notable scalability allows seamless trading and investment on the EVM chain. This enhances liquidity and offers new opportunities for growing investments.

Minimal transaction fees make Cadia Coin affordable for users with low capital. This increases market accessibility and inclusivity, empowering more individuals to benefit from Web3. 

With a focus on stability, Cadia Coin provides a secure platform. Users can store savings in digital currency without fear of devaluation or volatility. 

The rewards program incentivizes token holders to support the Cadia ecosystem’s growth and development. This strategy enhances tokenomics and creates sustainable value.

Additionally, Cadia Coin offers lifetime free transactions. Users can engage in perpetual trading without worrying about transaction fees. This feature promotes seamless trading and encourages a new perspective on how crypto works.

Charting the Future

The project’s roadmap began back in 2021 with a focus on concept development. This included adding EVM support and establishing SubQuery Academy to educate developers on building with SubQuery’s tools.

The following year, in 2022, the team shifted their focus towards researching and building the platform. This included launching the SubQuery Builders/Grants Program, developing an MVP for the SQT Network contract internally, and more.

In 2023, the project moved onto its beta testing phase with the launch of the App Beta Test. This was followed by the public testnet launch, which allowed for more widespread testing and user feedback. The team also released the SubQuery Network Explorer and dApp and implemented point-in-time indexing for more efficient data management.

In 2024, the project enters an ongoing phase with several planned developments. These include, among other milestones:

  • Conducting a Token Test to generate SQT token
  • Launching a publicly incentivized testnet for further testing and improvements
  • Gathering data traffic insights through reporting tools. 

The team also plans to conduct an Alpha Test and officially launch the SubQuery Foundation. With the planned mainnet launch and CEX launch, the project’s future looks even brighter. 

The Upcoming Presale Event

A special event will feature a presale step before the public sale. Users will be able to buy tokens directly from the project’s website

First of all, a user will have to whitelist by providing or signing up via wallet. Then he/she can buy tokens during the presale period with a 30% discount. The presale will last at least two weeks, starting May 20th

The official (Public) cost for each Cadi will be around 0.02 USDT. Some referral programs will also be available in this phase, with a total of 5 tiers, depending upon how much Cadi the referred person will buy. 

Moreover, investors will get exclusive features from the website like:

  • Viewing their available tokens
  • Their limits on Cadi in the presale
  • And much more to come.   

About Cadia Coin

Cadia Coin is a new project presenting an innovative digital currency trading platform. Its EVM compatibility offers unparalleled benefits for crypto enthusiasts. 

Cadia Coin has an innovative plan for crypto investors and enthusiasts. It is a scalable and low-transaction system for everyone. With lifetime free transactions, users can enjoy perpetual trading without worrying about fees adding up over time.

It is possible to learn more about the project’s development and upcoming milestones by checking out its website. The project’s social pages below also regularly post updates and news. 

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