FantasiaChain’s Revolutionary FST Token Counters Speculation and Inflation Through Innovative Community Financial Mechanism

Singapore City, Singapore- FantasiaChain, an ambitious blockchain project, has developed a groundbreaking token called FST that leverages a proprietary Community Financial mechanism to counter the rampant issues of speculation and inflation plaguing the cryptocurrency industry.

At the heart of FST is a pricing formula that directly ties the token’s value to community financial behaviors, revolving around 3 key actions: buying, selling, and saving. Notably, the Saving behavior plays a crucial role in determining the price of FST during the private sale period. The value of FST increases only when the majority of FST is deposited into savings, and conversely, it decreases when the majority is freely circulating.

FST ensures resistance against speculation and inflation, because the FST accumulation without saving behavior and the massive issuance of FST both leading to an increase in the amount of freely circulating FST and a subsequent decrease in its price.

“I built FantasiaChain and FST token to safeguard against the market manipulation we’ve seen with other crypto assets,” said Henry Nguyen, Founder and CEO/CTO of FantasiaChain. “FST is the first token engineered so that hoarding diminishes its value, ensuring a fair and transparent market for all.”

Launched in May 2021, FantasiaChain employs a Proof of Authority consensus model that aims to put authority back into the hands of the community, not concentrated minorities. The ecosystem is designed to empower users to steer the direction and value of projects they have invested in.

“FantasiaChain is built on the Community Finance mechanism, designed to empower and give authority back to the community, because they rightfully deserve it,” added Nguyen.

FST holders are incentivized to save their tokens with attractive 15% APY saving interest paid in USDT on a monthly basis. This saving behavior feeds into the FST pricing formula, allowing active users to directly influence value based on real community adoption metrics.

Additionally, FantasiaChain enacted a first-of-its-kind FST buyback mechanism. This function allows investors to sell directly back to FantasiaChain in case of personal liquidity needs, ensuring reliable liquidity without relying on external exchanges.

FantasiaChain’s bone structure of Community Finance aims to set a new standard in the cryptocurrency sphere, where projects are not dominated by the minority with significant economic power. Instead, the community has the power to minimize fraudulent behavior, prevent bubbles, and call the shots on which directions development should pursue.

The project has bold plans to expand its vision of community finance even further. FantasiaChain intends to establish a robust ecosystem where token holders have authority over the core values and choices of the projects they collectively invest in.

With crypto’s trajectory increasingly mirroring traditional finance, FantasiaChain offers an alternate vision of transparency, fairness, and democratic control. FST gives the community a real stake in determining valuations and steering development, resisting the speculation and inflation that have become endemic to the crypto landscape.

Engineered for stability and adopted by a spirited community, FST represents a new breed of cryptocurrency focused on tangible utility not short-term profits. FantasiaChain’s model offers a blueprint for finance by the people, of the people, and for the people.

About FantasiaChain: FantasiaChain was founded by Henry Nguyen in May 2021 to develop the FST token and bring the truly Community Finance to life. The project is headquartered in Singapore and employs Proof of Authority blockchain consensus. For more information on FantasiaChain and its mission, visit

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