Jody Urquhart of Is a Strong Advocate of Compassion in Workplaces.

Our modern workplaces can often feel like pressure cookers. Deadlines loom, tensions rise, and compassion can seem like a luxury. But what if I Do Inspire’s ( Jody Urquhart told you that kindness is not just a feel-good notion – it’s a strategic advantage?

Urquhart, one of the top Canadian motivational speakers known for her humor and engaging delivery, is on a mission to instill kindness and compassion in the workplace. She argues that kindness isn’t just about being nice. It’s about fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.

“Compassion isn’t a weakness,” says Urquhart. “It’s the foundation for a thriving work environment. When people feel cared for, they’re more engaged, more productive, and more creative. Kindness is the secret weapon businesses have been overlooking.”

Beyond Beanbag Chairs – Building a Culture of Care.

Many organizations have embraced trendy perks like ping-pong tables and nap pods in an attempt to boost employee happiness. Unlike other famous motivational speakers, Urquhart emphasizes that true compassion goes deeper than mere amenities.

Through her signature ECR formula – Engage, Cutting-Edge Content, and Results – Urquhart equips leaders with the tools to build a genuine culture of care. Her keynotes explore:

The Science of Kindness – You will learn how compassion fosters trust, collaboration, and reduces stress, leading to measurable improvements in productivity and employee retention.

Building Empathy Muscle – You will learn about practical strategies to encourage active listening, understanding, and appreciation for diverse perspectives.

Leading with Compassion – As leaders, you will be equipped with actionable steps to create a safe space for vulnerability, open communication, and constructive feedback.

From Me to We – Urquhart fosters a sense of community within organizations, encouraging acts of kindness between colleagues and creating a ripple effect that strengthens the entire team.

The Ripple Effect of Kindness.

Kindness isn’t confined to the walls of the office. When employees feel valued and supported at work, they’re more likely to extend that compassion into their personal lives and communities. This creates a positive ripple effect, harboring a more positive and connected society at large.

Investing in Kindness – A Smart Business Decision.

Studies consistently show that companies with strong cultures of compassion outperform their less compassionate counterparts. Urquhart’s keynotes help organizations translate the power of kindness into tangible business benefits, including increased employee engagement and retention, enhanced innovation and problem-solving, and improved customer experience.

Don’t underestimate the transformative power of kindness. If you are looking to invest in the best motivational speakers who will inspire your leaders to create a workplace built on compassion and collaboration, visit to book Jody Urquhart and instill kindness in your organization.

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