MAOCAT Unveils Plan to Become the Next Ethereum-based Memecoin to Explode

Hong Kong, 17th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The MAOCAT project has officially stated its strategy to become the next big thing in Ethereum-based memecoins. With unique features like fixed staking, launchpad, and NFT marketplace, MAOCAT aims to offer a diverse ecosystem for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

After years of dog domination in the memecoin world, cats finally get to shine with MAOCAT’s promising growth potential. The ongoing presale is just the beginning of this ambitious project, with more developments and features to come. 

How This Team Plans to Launch the Next Big Ethereum-based Memecoin

The project’s team believes MAOCAT could be the next big Ethereum-based memecoin to explode in popularity and value. Some hints of its potential already exist, such as the outstanding success of its current presale. 

At the time of this writing, MAOCAT had already sold over 60% of its pre-sale allocation. Considering how fast the team reached this threshold, the growth indicates a high demand for this project.

The team’s roadmap is divided into different phases. Specifically, Stage 1 includes:

  • The launch of MAOCAT.
  • Staking opportunities for $MAO.
  • The creation of various social media accounts to connect with the community. 

In Stage 2, users can claim their $MAO tokens and see them listed on exchanges. Additionally, the team aims to expand its presence on bigger and better exchanges while working on game development. The team is also excited to reach the milestone of having 10,000 holders of $MAO.

Finally, Stage 3 will see the launch of the highly anticipated MAOCAT game and 10,000 NFTs. These unique NFTs will go live on the popular OpenSea platform and an NFT marketplace created by MAOCAT. 

The Growing Ecosystem of MAOCAT: From SWAP to Launchpad to NFTs

There are four elements that make up the exciting and rapidly expanding ecosystem of MAOCAT. These elements include the MAO CAT NFT collection, an NFT Marketplace on ETH, MAO SWAP (DeFi 2.0), and MAO GAME. 

The upcoming NFT marketplace will be a platform where users can buy and sell their unique MAO CAT NFTs. With NFTs’ growing popularity, MAOCAT aims to provide its users with a seamless and secure marketplace experience.

The NFT collection will find its home in this marketplace. This feature will offer NFT holders a range of rarity tiers and unique benefits. Whether owning a rare or legendary MAO CAT NFT, users have multiple ways to be part of this exclusive community.

The ecosystem also includes MAO SWAP, a DeFi 2.0 platform allowing efficient and flexible trading through its innovative liquidity mechanism. With MAO SWAP, users can farm and stake their tokens to earn a fixed APR and other rewards.

Lastly, the upcoming MAO GAME will offer an interactive gaming experience with collectible NFTs as in-game assets. This particular mix of features goes beyond the typical memecoin project and focuses on token utility. The $MAO token lets users access all ecosystem elements and join various events, creating a great experience for MAOCAT supporters. 


At its core, MAOCAT is a project that seeks to contribute to changing the memecoin crypto niche. This sector is often entirely about dogs, which can surprise many, considering how popular cats are on the internet. 

Beyond the cat-based project, there’s a rather large ecosystem in place for the MAOCAT community. This ecosystem will offer its users a range of benefits and opportunities, such as staking, trading, NFTs, and gaming. 

MAOCAT is gaining popularity and has already sold over 60% of its pre-sale allocation. In more practical terms, early investors bought over $300,000 worth of tokens in this phase. 

The team behind MAOCAT has a clear roadmap for bringing this project to its full potential. The project’s website is a great source for learning about MAOCAT’s features and progress. As always, the social pages below let anyone connect with the community and stay updated on all things MAOCAT. 

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