RWA in Focus: MAS Regulated Digital Asset Custodian, Propine Introduces Support for Fathom Dollar $FXD Stablecoin on XDC Network.

Singapore, 2 May, 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, MAS-regulated custodian Propine has announced its support for Fathom Dollar’s FXD, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and designed to bridge the $5 trillion trade finance gap. This development positions FXD at the forefront of real-world assets (RWA), leveraging the power of blockchain to enhance global trade finance operations. Propine, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, is a prominent digital asset custodian serving large institutional clients. 

FXD is a stable-price cryptocurrency over-collateralised by the XDC network token and RWA, including trade finance assets. It has emerged as a use case-driven solution amidst growing concerns over the trade finance gap. It has been a significant barrier to global trade, particularly affecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

By offering a stable and reliable transaction medium and store of value, FXD aims to facilitate essential functions in a $30 trillion global trade finance market. This includes cross-border transactions, borrowing against receivables, and generally turning trade finance into an alternative investment class for non-banks. 

Tuhina, Propine’s Founder and CEO, said, “Propine is dedicated to facilitating swift and secure adoption of digital assets and cryptocurrencies by institutional investors and regulated businesses. To this end, we have adopted compliance and security standards that serve as industry benchmarks. As the industry continues to expand, we see significant potential to further serve as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enter the space seamlessly and securely.”  

Manuel Rensink from Fathom: “Propine offers world-class services, and their battle-tested custody has been our choice. Despite all the shockwaves that enveloped the industry, Propine has been resilient because of its governance and internal controls & systems. They have consistently led innovation in the digital asset custody space and raised the bar. Propine’s support for FXD is a game-changer, providing a seamless ramp on/off service between digital assets and fiat currencies. This service is crucial for enhancing the liquidity and accessibility of FXD, making it an attractive option for businesses and financial institutions engaged in international trade.”

He added, “The integration of Propine’s custody solutions with FXD ensures that users can enjoy the highest security and compliance standards, essential in the highly regulated financial sector. As FXD gains traction, Propine’s role in its custody and management will undoubtedly be a key factor in its success, marking a new era in integrating real-world assets with digital finance solutions.”

About Propine:

Propine is a licensed, audited, and insured digital asset custodian headquartered in Singapore. The company is engaged in transforming how digital assets are stored and traded by providing reliable, secure, and scalable solutions to institutional clients. Propine also enables investors to tokenize previously illiquid asset classes such as corporate bonds, real estate, private equity, funds, art, natural resources, and derivatives. The company is geared to support clients in unlocking their potential within a regulatorily compliant and legally robust framework.

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About Fathom Protocol:

Fathom is a liquidity protocol where users can deposit XDC tokens or RWA collateral and borrow the FXD. This opens up programmatic financing solutions for individuals and businesses that were previously not available. Furthermore, investors and savers can (re)invest their FXD for competitive yields. The Fathom DAO is governed by FTHM token holders who can vote on onboarding new collateral types, interest rates, and more. Fathom is built on the XDC network to be at the center of its Institutional DeFi ecosystem. 

About XDC Network:

XDC Network is an open-source, carbon-neutral, enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible, Layer 1 blockchain that has been operationally successful since 2019. The network obtains consensus via a specially delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) technique that allows for 2-second transaction times, near-zero gas expenses ($0.0001), over 2000 TPS, and interoperability with ISO 20022 financial messaging standards. The XDC Network powers a wide range of novel blockchain use cases, including trade finance, payment, and RWA tokenization, that are secure, scalable, and highly efficient. Website: |

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