The Adaptation to Spain of a Renowned Doctor After Leaving the U.S.

Dr Pablo Odeley

The Adaptation to Spain of a Renowned Doctor After Leaving the U.S.: The Challenges and Rewards According to Dr. Pablo Odeley Puente Fumero

Madrid, Spain Oct 24, 2023 ( – Moving from one country to another often comes with multiple challenges, yet it also brings about enriching new experiences. This is the story of Dr. Pablo Odeley Puente Fumero, who shared his journey in an interview with CubaHerald. Dr. Fumero, listed as one of the top 100 doctors in the world according to the 2022 Global Submit and Top100Doc, has found a home in Spain, though the path hasn’t been without its hurdles.

“In the U.S., everything moves at an astonishing pace. You become accustomed to a relentless rhythm. In Spain, on the other hand, things take their time, which translates into a better quality of life. However, the adaptation process has its own set of challenges,” the doctor conveyed.

Among the primary challenges he faced, understanding accounting, the operational differences of banks, and the customer service of telecommunication companies stood out. It was in the realm of accounting that he faced significant hurdles. “I grappled with many difficulties in accounting,” he shared. “It wasn’t until I came across an agency named TRILUS that things started to fall into place. They have a wealth of experience working with foreigners and are incredibly patient. After going through three different firms, I finally found one that genuinely made a difference. They even go the extra mile by reminding me if I forget to send in any documentation. The accounting process in Spain can be intricate for those of us coming from abroad.”

Fortunately, after some less positive experiences with other areas, he also found solutions, such as the Lobster telecommunications company for his phone needs. “With banks, it’s vital to be cautious. Some can lead you down a path filled with exorbitant fees. Yet, there are smaller entities that are perfect for day-to-day transactions and offer much more reasonable rates,” he cautioned.

Despite the initial challenges, Spain has become a haven for Dr. Fumero. “The cuisine is outstanding, and the kindness and sociability of the Spanish people facilitate integration. Here, the motto seems to be ‘work to live,’ instead of ‘live to work,’” he mused.

However, the doctor confessed, “Although I miss the U.S. every day, for now, I’ve decided to stay in Spain. The standard of living in the U.S. might be high, but its quality of life often doesn’t match up. In the long run, this can impact personal well-being.”

One final recommendation that Dr. Fumero emphasized is the importance of having good health insurance in Spain. “Ensuring proper coverage is essential. Health is paramount, and having reliable support is crucial,” he concluded.

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