Xuirin Finance Sells Out Presale Stage 1 to Support a Large Web3 Ecosystem

Bankstown, Australia, 22nd April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Xuirin Finance project has successfully completed its presale stage 1, selling out all available tokens. With high interest and a strong community, Xuirin’s vision of a global financial ecosystem is gaining traction.

The project offers a wide ecosystem of advanced and easy-to-use DeFi solutions for every user. The team is working to integrate traditional finance and Web3, making blockchain technology accessible and user-friendly.

A Sold-Out Presale for a Promising Token

The fact that the Stage 1 presale round for Xuirin tokens sold out so easily speaks volumes. This token is truly promising and has garnered significant attention from investors. With 1 billion tokens as a fixed supply, the presale alone accounts for 45% of the total supply.

This indicates that investors have faith in this token’s potential and its role in the Xuirin Finance ecosystem. The successful presale also signifies strong community backing at an early stage, which is crucial for any token’s success.

The remaining 55% of tokens will follow a specific distribution:

  • Team: 5% of the total supply will go to the team behind Xuirin. This allocation demonstrates the team’s commitment to this growing ecosystem.
  • Marketing: 4% of tokens will fund multiple marketing strategies. Ultimately, this plan will create awareness and promote the use of Xuirin in the DeFi space.
  • Partners & Advisors: 3% of tokens will go towards building partnerships and securing valuable advisors. This is also essential, as it ensures the longevity and stability of the project.
  • MM, Incentives, KOLs: 5% of tokens will create various incentives to boost interest in Xuirin.
  • Cashback Reserve: 5% of tokens will serve as cashback rewards to incentivize user adoption and engagement within the platform.
  • Liquidity & Listing Reserves: The team will use 12% of tokens for liquidity provision on different exchanges and listing fees.
  • Ecosystem: 21% of tokens will comprise the ecosystem reserve for future development and upgrades within the Xuirin Finance ecosystem.

The token allocation and Xuirin’s potential in the DeFi niche are clear. With a robust team and a solid early community, this token is on the right track to growth.

Enjoying the Power of DeFi with Xuirin’s Ecosystem

The Xuirin ecosystem features multiple cutting-edge solutions designed to simplify and empower users’ DeFi experience.

Firstly, the Xuirin Wallet is the cornerstone of this ecosystem. It offers a rich set of features for managing and interacting with digital assets.

Xuirin Swap stands out with its fully decentralized nature and remarkably low fees. Powered by smart contracts, it operates on an AMM model, making trades against a liquidity pool.

Xuirin Pay brings blockchain technology to e-commerce, providing seamless and secure transactions. With this innovative payment processor, businesses can accept cryptocurrency payments with ease.

The Xuirin token is the ecosystem’s fundamental asset. It drives user engagement and serves as a means of transaction within the platform.

The project also features debit cards with three cashback tiers:

  • Silver: Available to all users for free, with a 2.5% cashback in Xuirin Tokens on every transaction.
  • Gold: For a small cost of $50, users can upgrade to enjoy a higher reward of 4% cashback in Xuirin Tokens.
  • Diamond: For $90, users can access the most significant benefit of 8% cashback in Xuirin Tokens for every transaction.

With these options, users can choose the card that best suits their needs, with various levels of rewards.

About Xuirin Finance

Xuirin Finance is a large-scale platform that advocates for the adoption of cryptocurrency transactions, aiming to improve global commerce efficiency. Xuirin introduces the Crypto DeFi Debit Card, powered by decentralized finance and cutting-edge Web 3.0 Wallet technology.

This is just a small part of Xuirin’s ambitious vision to create a comprehensive decentralized finance ecosystem. From a swap system to a payment system, Xuirin has many ambitious plans for its community.

The fact that its Stage 1 presale round sold out so easily speaks to Xuirin’s potential. With strong community backing and a robust team, this token may be the next big thing in the DeFi sector. Xuirin’s official website and social pages below are keeping users up-to-date with the development of its ecosystem.

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